Pollets Cove

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
15.9 km 6-8 h 5+ No

Pollets Cove is an incredibly scenic and challenging hike which is located on the north west side of Cape Breton Island. It is recommended to camp overnight but it is doable as a day hike if you start early enough. The trail itself is very rugged, yet nicely worn, as you hike over two mountains to one of the most beautiful cove’s you will ever set foot in.


Trail Head

46.872680107425595, -60.743266940136664


Follow the Cabot Trail until you reach Pleasant Bay. Turn onto Red River Road and follow it to the end. The trail head is at the very end of the road, shortly after you pass the Monastery.


Pollets Cove track

Pollets Cove track





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    • Hey Trevor! The trail is well worn and there is no doubt where to go while on it. There is a brook to cross half way along called Otter Brook. There shouldn’t be any issues crossing this unless a big amount of rain fell the night before or something. Parking space is limited but should be pretty safe given the location.

  1. We’ll be visiting from Alaska next summer. We’ve checking our hiking possibilities so we can decide where to stay at night. I want to confirm whether the 16 km distance listed for the Pollets Cove hike a one-way distance, or out and back?