Barachois Mountain Gorge

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
10+ km 2.5h 2 Spotty

The Barachois Mountain Gorge trail system is made up of old cart tracks and ATV trails. The trail itself can be quite wet and there are many puddles and side excursions around various wash outs. The road leads you through thick old forest following the Barachois River and eventually coming to an old farm. You must cross the Barachois River just after the 5km mark so prepare for a ford, unless it is the summer months. Retrace your steps to return.

As of April 2015 there are a lot of down trees and gets harder as you progress.

Note! Hunting is allowed in this area during season and it is hunted regularly.


Trail Head


This trail is found at the end of Barachois Road. Parking is available in the turn around area.


Barachois Mountain Gorge
Barachois Mountain Gorge


There is a cache in an old log on this trail.