Winging Point

Length Duration Difficulty Cell Service
21 km 7-9h 5 No

Winging point is a challenging 21 km coastal hike. You follow an old cart track through forest and along the coast line. The first 2.5 km’s tends to be quite wet and most times sticking to the foot paths on left side of the puddles/water is the driest option (August 2013). Once you come out of the forest the trail follows the coastline until you cross three bridges (which are still in tact as of August 2013). From there keep an eye out for many old foundations and walls as you make your way towards and then over Bull Hill and onto Bear Cove. Bear Cove is 5.8 km’s from the start.

The remaining 5 km from Bear Cove to Winging Point is done by walking along the beach. You must travel over various different types of cobble stone and sand beaches for the next 3.5 km’s. After that it is a 1.5 km sandy beach walk to Wining Point (10.51 km’s from the start). There is a good chance you will see seals and other shore birds at any time from Bear Cove onward.


Trail Head



This hike starts in a graveyard at the end of Gull Cove Road.





winging point
Winging Point