List of general questions:

1. What is this site?

This site is a collection of maps, pictures, forums and information for all the hikes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It was created in July 2013.

2. Do you recommend any hiking related literature for Cape Breton?

Without question Michael Haynes “Hiking Trails of Cape Breton” books are the best resource in printed form. You can find them here: 1st Edition & 2nd Edition.

3. The duration was longer or shorter than predicted on this site or the trail head sign?

The durations on this site are based on an average hikers pace and includes time for pictures, rest and enjoying the hike. If you have updated information please send it to [email protected]

4. The distance doesn't line up with what I am reading or have tracked myself?

We use Google’s MyTracks app to clock the distance and elevation information on this site. Our distance measurements are the avg’s of all the information collected we have collected over the years hiking these trails. For example, if we have six tracks of the same route for Franey, then the distance on the site is the avg distance of all six times.

5. Why was Google MyTracks chosen over all the other options for GPS measurement?

We chose/use MyTracks because it is freely available to the masses and is a solid, constantly improving product.

6. Why does this site ask me to share my location?

Our directions plugin can give you near exact directions to any of the trail heads listed here by using the Google Maps API. We do not store your location information on our servers. Even if you do not share your location, you can still manually enter a starting point when using the directions feature.

You can use the map and trail lists to find hikes that are close or on the way to your next destination. The directions built into the map can give you surprisingly exact directions to each trail head.

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